Friday, April 16, 2021

La Vie Ne Ment Past (Turkish Arabic)


  1. hi Cat
    nice vid
    but I can not put Turkish Arabic together with the Northern Light :)
    have a great weekend

  2. Hi, cat!

    I hope you and Theo T. are well and in good spirits. If is uncomfortably warm and humid down here. I hope your weather is delightful.

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this sad tune. Ideal for meditation and reflection, the music matches the mood of millions of people around the world wondering if life will ever be the same as it once was. I read a comment on YouTube posted in German and it translates as follows: "In this new world we must love and overcome the void to see a better generation that changes the world change itself. It can be difficult to change the world, but we can change ourselves and make a difference in the world, we can all achieve that."

    Stay safe and well, cat. I have an important post coming up at Shady's Place beginning tomorrow morning, April 18. I invite you to come down and visit me tomorrow or sometime during the six day run of the post. Thank you, dear friend. LUBBINS!

  3. "Life Doesn't Lie" -- is that what the title means? Interesting music!

  4. Beautiful video! I hope to see the aurora borealis in person some day, but for now, videos like this will do. :)

  5. Hi ^.^ - Beautiful scene and I do like that steady beat. As for the cuckoos bad behavior, we have a similar 'villain' here as well. The cowbird is notorious for laying its eggs in other birds nests although I'm not sure if the young eject it's new 'parents' eggs. Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Dear Cat, there's mischief in the title, "La Vie Ne Ment Past (Turkish Arabic)" which looks more French English to me --Life Tells Truth From The Past (?)-- pleasantly puzzling. Beautiful video.

  7. Hi Cat - Just dropping by my dear sista to see how you are. I've been doing a lot of art work lately and it's been keeping me very busy and what with the large garden I have I've hardly been out and about.The cold weather has now hit ew Zealand and the indoors now beckons. How have you been my dear friend I've not seen or heard from you in a while?. Much love to you xx

  8. Love this video, thanks for sharing.