Wednesday, February 12, 2020


you know
that conversation comes in
shapes, form, size, sounds, colours 
happen in daylight, moonlight or no light
in speech and in song and in silence things like that

.is like sisters. is like the ocean's ebb and flow. is like friends.

let us remember that for today and let's try again
and listen to those different shades of
conversation and cultivate them
cuz you can always give up

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  1. Hi ^.^ - Listening is an acquired skill that too few people really practice. Don't interrupt (my weakness), watch body language, tone, expression...all part of good communication. My first wife practiced talking and expected agreement. We need to talk meant, she talked and I was supposed to listen...without negative feedback. As for Theo Thunderbutt and catnip, we've had cats that ate the fresh catnip and then took a long nap and we've had cats that acted like they were stoned...rolling around and acting crazy. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. hi Cat
    I like the vid , but not all that bass and drum :)
    me is told , that I am a good listener , and that is by many folks not so
    love , Karel

  3. Nice pairing of your poem and the video. I like your poem. Yes, communicating is a give and take at many levels.

  4. Some people seem to think conversation is a one-way street. They just want to talk and talk and talk to what they hope is an adoring audience. That isn't conversation... it's a soliloquy! I like to talk, (surprise!) but I've been told my whole life than I'm a great listener. (Which means people are always telling me stuff they maybe should keep to themselves...) I think there are times it is better to be quiet and thought the fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  5. Good one, cat! Many people don't understand the art of conversation and rarely listen. That was a fun video. ☺

  6. you can always give up tomorrow.
    No, don’t, do carry on.