Wednesday, February 19, 2020


.it's alright.
.for the umpiest time.
.again and again over and over.
.u'll b alrite.
.and words.  are just that.  and
nothing more.  you
can do this.

.a fleeting meeting that's all.
.winter of souls will
end soon.
.u'll b alrite.
to b afraid of baby.
.we can do this. u hear me.

.the cards
are dealt. that's all you
have.  now name your game.
.u'll b alrite.
.play by your rules and think.
before you jump.  to

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  1. Some people just need constant reassurance, don't they.

  2. hi Cat
    very nice song , did many people good
    the poem is great
    you have a lot of conversation , it will bring you trough the winter
    will not be long till spring is here
    love , Karel

  3. Hi ^.^ - That poem must be about my better half. She worries about everything including things that aren't really important and things that she can't change. It'll be alright... No problem... If you can't fix it... Just not a big deal... etc., etc... As for that picture of the snow and cold, it is beautiful but you can have it! Snow here today...coating roof tops and the grass...but it will be gone tomorrow. My kind of winter! FYI, I went back and re-read the bit of family history that you sent last year. Sad but very interesting bit of history and its about survival... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. It feels like you wrote this poem just for me. Thanks for the reassurance. :)