Monday, August 12, 2019


seems i can't make the bed today
obviously it's occupied.

so while he sits and stares and dares,
i sit and stare and smile
at mr cuteness overload purrrrring. 

occupation  accepted
i love sweet surrenders like that.

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  1. Hello My sister, I wouldn't move the cat either he'd be angry with you for the day for sure. Hope you've been keeping well. Hope this publishers for me. Lady Jude x

    1. Hello ma sista. Thanks for stopping by :) Love, cat.

  2. hi Cat
    nice music
    and great poem
    yes leave Theo be :)
    angr at you during the day , oké
    keeping you awake during the night , not oké hihi

    love , Karel

  3. yr siter here to , that makes 3 cat's hihi
    Hi Cat
    yes if they have rabies , the only thing to do is kill it
    sad but true , and you can tell first hand

    yes very nice powerpoint with very good sayings

    love , Karel

  4. Abso-doggone-lutely! Our cats rule the roost, too. The love to "help" me make the bed, especially when I'm changing the sheets, but if they're snoozing peacefully on the bed, the chore can wait. :)

  5. Hi ^.^ - Love the cat photo. As you know, we are fostering a couple of cuties while their parent (recently divorced woman who wasn't supposed to have cats) searches for new digs. For not being our cats, we have so many photos in the last couple of weeks it's crazy! As for your diet, I know that its a necessity for you and I'd probably live longer if I ate healthier...but at my age its just not worth it! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Hi, cat!

    Your kitty is beautiful, dear friend! I wish I were up there right now giving him LUBBINS! :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the South Korean live show with the band playing "Tender Surrender," originally released in 1995 by guitarist Steve Vai on his EP Alien Love Secrets. It was a wonderful performance!

    Thank you very much, dear friend cat!

  7. hi Cat
    yes I am very glad with my new monitor :)
    about comments , me to have somtimes only a few here
    by wordpress a lot more , I keep it up , wil not close either of the 2
    but it is up to you what to do with your blog
    love , Karel

  8. hi Cat
    so you to like the smoked eel
    but me leaving some for you , do you know how hard that is for me to do hihihi
    I give it a try :)
    not much hiking for me these day's , I walk around the village , and mostly by the harbor , there is the smoking going on :)
    I found myself dressed up in the mail hihi
    love , Karel

  9. that seems to be a good reason not to make the bed (or you play a game and make up the bed with the cat inside)