Wednesday, September 13, 2017


in 7 days
til my next bend
on this god damn road
love it or leave it

7 weeks
  because  i need
a never ending next bend
permanent  fix

7 months 

take it or leave it
wish u'd understand my
next bend mind
in 7 years


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  1. hi Cat
    nice vid and she has an nice voice
    the poem is in someway a mystery
    is there no other road so you can skip that bend

    yes we are having the first fall storm here
    you 35 years in that nice country , where the winters cold and long are
    all I can say is , that if you go outside , put on gloves :)
    love , Karel

  2. Hi Cat! An Albertan, a cat lover AND a poet -- sweet! Am following you back!

  3. Hi, cat!

    First I want to thank you for offering loving words of comfort and support as Hurricane Irma threatened my family in Florida. The eye of the storm came very close to our house but we are all AOK and thankful to be alive. Our thoughts and prayers remain with people in Florida and Texas who suffered loss of life and property.

    I wish every man, woman and child could experience "Ederlezi," the popular traditional Balkan folk song, rendered here in exquisite fashion by singer Maria Mazzotta accompanied by cellist Redi Hasa. This is absolutely beautiful music, not to be missed.

    Thank you very much, dear friend cat!

  4. Wonderful indeed and such a lovely poem that you've written. Greetings.

  5. Lovely music! Your poem is thought-provoking. Sometimes, we're way too willing to bend, or maybe bending is the best way to live. More oak trees topple than willows. :)

  6. Hi again Cat

    7...the magic number. A number that can stand on it's own ;)

  7. hi Cat
    the Cat Theo is right in finding a warm place to sleep
    yes over there is a totally different fall as here , nothing to compare
    I heard some folks here to who turned the heat on , not me as of yet , last year sometime mid October , early enough
    yes harvest time is there , I hope you get it al in before the real snowfall
    and don't forget we get sunny day's plenty still this year
    love , Karel

  8. That's a nice drawing. I can't even draw stick figures.

  9. How lovely and inspiring!
    loved your drawing and the magic it has .

  10. Too many bends and you wind up back at your starting point, unless of course they are consecutive lefts and rights--the mind is odd that way--we always want to go back but never desire to go backwards.

  11. Love the drawing and the echos of sevens... On another matter, in my little island yesterday I saw while driving but fairly close, both and owl and a bald eagle. An omen?

  12. hi Cat
    glad you liked the vid :)
    yes how do they manage to get around with us those animals
    with the beast many of us people are
    love , Karel

  13. Cycles that often come around, do so in seven years.. That seven year itch.. that often needs scratching..
    Loved the video... Sending love and hugs my friend.. Hope all is well with you ..
    Sue xxx <3

  14. Well, Hope all is forgiven. I have found you at last. I blame my editor. 😍
    This poem is how I feel. Love it.